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About Us

Functional foods for a life lived in sync

We’re scientists. We’re innovators. We’re a bit obsessive.

1. Everything we do is supported by the most current research on aging.

Anti-aging research is progressing at a remarkable pace these days. Nearly every month, we’re getting profound new insights into the underlying mechanics of biological aging. Our team of biochemists is constantly analyzing this research, deploying the best-supported insights to develop nutritional strategies that slow or reverse specific aspects of biological aging.  

2. We’re relentlessly innovative in the development of our formulas.

We’re a team led by scientists, and we pride ourselves on always looking for opportunities to use innovative nutritional science to improve potency and efficacy beyond anything else available on the market. 

In developing Gold, we pioneered the technique for encapsulating turmeric oil in liposomes, resulting in a huge step forward in bioavailability. (Gold remains the only liposomal turmeric formula available in capsules, another technical challenge) With Re•Juve, we developed a strategy for binding hyaluronate to phospholipids, producing an order-of-magnitude improvement in absorption and transport to the joints.

3. We’re obsessive about purity and potency.

Given how much we invest in research and development, we’re not inclined to see the efficacy of our formulas undermined by low-quality ingredients or imprecise manufacturing. Every ingredient we source goes through multiple rounds of extensive testing to ensure potency and complete absence of impurities and contaminants. 

Our more technical formulas (Gold, Re•Juve, Micro•Bios) go through several additional rounds of structural and functional analysis post-production to guarantee the products you receive are every bit as powerful as intended.

4. We’re focused on using cutting-edge nutritional science to extend healthspan and lifespan.

There is now overwhelming research showing that it is possible to significantly extend human lifespan and, more importantly, healthspan (the part of our life in which we are healthy and active). We are immersed in anti-aging research and are constantly utilizing the latest findings to develop formulas and behavioral strategies that reliably extend healthspan.

5. In the end, efficacy is what actually matters.

We care about one thing above all else: that our formulas actually work. While other companies ask that you trust their formulas are working; we research, develop and test our formulas relentlessly to ensure they’re as effective as possible, and that the benefits are truly felt. The thousands of customer testimonials we’re received are a testament to our commitment to efficacy. 


Want to learn more about us? Our blog is a great place to start.

Synchro was founded in 2011 by biochemist and nutritionist Graham Ryan.

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Graham Ryan
Founder + Lead Biochemist

Graham Ryan

A biochemist and nutritionist by training, Graham is perpetually experimenting with nutrition and practices supportive to the wellbeing of the human body and brain. 

Why? Because it's his core guiding belief that when we're truly and holistically healthy, we inevitably move towards greater happiness and compassion; two things the world desperately needs more of.