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The world’s most potent turmeric supplement, now in capsule form.

Innovative liposomal formulation with the highest-quality organic-certified extracts put Gold in a class all its own, potency-wise.

Superior Bioavailability

Improve Joint Health

Supports a Healthy Brain

Inflammation Fighting

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  • Restore your body's youth and vitality, from the inside out.

    Gold utilizes an innovative nano-encapsulated (i.e. liposomal) nutrient-delivery system to achieve a bioavailability orders-of-magnitude greater than other turmeric supplements.

    And where other turmeric extracts contain only one compound (usually curcumin), Gold uses a full-spectrum CO2 extraction of organic turmeric that delivers the FULL suite of turmeric's anti-aging and inflammation-balancing compounds.

    Gold Capsules Overview

  • Gold Capsules Supplement Facts

    Organic Ingredients

    100% Plant Based

    Gluten Free



    Suggested Use

    To slow aging-related processes and maintain healthy joints and muscles, take 2-4 capsules per day, with food.

  • What makes Gold superior?
    It's all in the technology and ingredient quality.

    Liposomal (Nano-Encapsulation) Delivery
    Our turmeric is processed under highly specific conditions so as to form nano-encapsulations (i.e. liposomes) that allow for up to 6x better absorption into the body.

    Black Pepper Extract (Piperine)
    Piperine protects turmeric’s beneficial compounds from breakdown in the gut, resulting in up to a 20x improvement in bioavailability.

    Full-Spectrum CO2 Extraction Technology
    Our CO2 extraction delivers ALL of turmeric’s beneficial compounds, not just one or two (as is the case with almost all other turmeric extracts). 

    Oil, Not Powder
    Gold is an oil-based formula, making turmeric’s beneficial compounds orders-of-magnitude more absorbable than powder extracts.

    The Highest-Quality Organic Ingredients (...And Nothing Shady)
    See that deep orange color of Gold capsules?  That’s from an exceptionally high concentration of beneficial compounds. Gold uses no shellacs, synthetic fillers or shady additives.

  • Where is Gold Liposomal Turmeric made?
    Gold is produced in a state-of-the-art cGMP and Organic-certified facility in New York state.

    Where is Synchro based? 
    Synchro was founded in 2011 by biochemist and nutritionist Graham Ryan with the mission of creating tools to help others realize vitality, peace and freedom. Synchro is based in Berkeley, CA.

    How does Gold Liposomal Turmeric work?
    First and foremost, Gold works by inhibiting a critical enzyme in the inflammatory process in our body, restoring balance to the inflammatory response. What makes Gold truly unique and unmatched in efficacy is its ability to stimulate our body’s antioxidant systems, improving the body’s ability to heal on its own.

    Who should use Gold?
    Gold will be particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from joint or muscle soreness. Because Gold restores balance to the inflammatory process, it can also help with low energy, foggy brain and fatigue. And finally, Gold’s ability to slow or reverse many markers of biological aging make it beneficial to, well, pretty much everyone.

    How do I use Gold Liposomal Turmeric?
    We say it often, but it really can’t be overstated: consistency is essential to realizing the full benefits of Gold. We recommend taking 2 capsules (with food) 1-2 times daily for a minimum of two weeks before assessing the results. 

    When can I expect results? 
    The beneficial effects of Gold are cumulative, and for most people it takes 1-2 weeks of consistent, daily use to see the profound changes in muscle, joint and brain health.

    Where do the ingredients come from?
    The organic turmeric used in our CO2 extract comes from organic-certified farms in Vietnam and India. The organic certifications and inspections for both are done by QC&I International. Our sunflower lecithin comes from US-based farms and is Non-GMO Project Verified.

    Do I need to refrigerate Synchro Gold?
    Nope, as long as Gold is kept away from heat and sunlight, it will be very stable at room temperature. That being said, the refrigerator is a great place to keep Gold away from sunlight and heat, so it’s not a bad idea!