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Everything you need to thrive in ketosis.

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Sharper Brain

Stable Energy

Supports Weight Loss

100% Plant Based

Ready to feel the best you’ve ever felt?

When done intelligently, the ketogenic diet can completely revitalize your body and brain. The products in the Keto Plan are designed to get you the best possible results from the ketogenic diet, simply and deliciously.

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What's in the keto plan?



3 Boxes of 20 Packets

Our wildly-popular ketogenic chocolate fudge probably needs no introduction. 12g of MCTs per serving. On-the-go convenience. Equally at home as a snack or dessert.


Organic Coconut, Organic, Cocoa Paste, MCT Oil, Inulin, Pink Himalayan Salt, Monk Fruit Extract, Vanilla.

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Ketomanna Nutrition Facts


2 Boxes of 12 Packets

This C8 MCT oil powder is the ultimate brain fuel - quick, clean and efficient. You’ll be amazed how sharp your brain feels. Ketobasis is also excellent at keeping appetite at bay, making it a godsend if you’re intermittent fasting or cutting calories to lose weight.


100% Coconut-Derived MCT Oil Powder, Acacia Fiber, Monk Fruit Extract

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Ketobasis Nutrition Facts


1 Bottle

There is probably no factor more overlooked in ketogenic diet than GI health. The faster the flora in our gut adapt to the new diet, the better our chances are of seeing the profound benefits of ketosis. Micro · Bios is a medical-grade spore-form probiotic that supports your gut flora in adapting to a keto diet.


Bacillus Subtilus HU58, Bacilus Coagulans, Basilus Clausii, Hypo-allergenic Plant Fiber Prebiotic, Vegetable Capsule

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Microbios Nutrition Facts

How to eat

Ketomanna is liquid in a warm climate.

Ketogenic Chocolate Fudge
Ketogenic Chocolate Bar

Or a chocolate bar when cold (our favorite!).

Mix Ketobasis straight into water for an easy energy boost.

C8 MCT Oil Powder


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