Be Friends With Your Sweet Tooth Again

Obsession-Worthy Keto Chocolate

12g MCTs

<1g Sugar


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Brain Food

100% Plant Based


12g MCT's Per Serving

Who said eating keto on-the-go had to be a challenge?

Loaded with brain-boosting MCT's and only 1g of sugar per serving, Ketomanna chocolate is a quick and seriously delicious way to keep your body and brain running optimally (burning fats, of course).

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12g MCTs per serving

MCTs are essentially brain energy waiting to happen. The 12g per serving in Ketomanna will keep your brain sharp and your appetite at bay.

Only 1g of sugar

And less than 3g net carbs/serving. Ketomanna is sweetened with monk fruit (a natural non-sugar sweetener) so you get all the pleasure of chocolate with none of the guilt (or rise in blood sugar, of course).

100% Plant-Based

No weird ingredients. 95% organic ingredients by weight.

Well, it’s chocolate fudge

And not average chocolate fudge, either. It’s really good. Like, you-may-get-obsessed good.


Organic Coconut, Organic Cocoa Paste, MCT Oil, Inulin, Pink Himalayan Salt, Monk Fruit Extract, Vanilla

How to eat

Ketomanna is liquid in a warm climate.

Ketogenic Chocolate Fudge
Ketogenic Chocolate Bar

Or a chocolate bar when cold (our favorite!).

What instagram is saying


Guys. I found a new thing that I'm so obsessed with: @be.synchro Ketomanna, a single serve fat bomb packet made with coconut, cacao, MCT oil, pink salt, monk fruit, and vanilla. I just can't get enough of them.


I needed some coffee and figured I’d snack on this keto chocolate fudge from @be.synchro Best choice ever! It was a rich deep chocolate flavor and it’s loaded with mct oil! Do yourself a favor and go get this! I will be keeping a couple in my purse to have when I’m out on the go!!


YALL. my life will never be the same. This little packet of deliciousness came in my @ketokrate for July, and while it's marketed as an on-the-go keto snack on its own, it SHOULD be marketed as KETO MAGIC SHELL!!


This chocolate is AMAZING!#ketolife #ketomanna #healthylifestyle

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